Olivia is a firm believer in remaining true to her own beliefs. She currently represents a few companies and charities based on their mission and values that run parallel to hers.

CDH Australia

A congenital diaphragmatic hernia is the absence of the diaphragm or, more commonly, the presence of a defect in the diaphragm, and Olivia was one of the very lucky few babies to survive the operation after birth.

Olivia’s now an ambassador for CDH Australia and tried to inspire and motive families affected by this defect.

USANA Supplements

For years Olivia suffered from constant colds from frequent plane trips, long lasting inflamed joints and muscles, and slow recovery times after training. In 2014 she strayed away from the ‘sponsored’ supplements provided by the Australian sporting government and tried USANA. Four years later and she had failed to catch a single cold or flu virus since. Olivia believes that actions speak louder than words and in her experience, USANA has blown her mind and helped her body recover in ways she never thought possible.

Funky Monkey Bars

Recently Olivia learnt about this Western Australian family business that supplies and fits monkey set ups in your school playground or home setting. A portable, reliable, safe and FUN rig that gets kids (and parents) out enjoying fitness and family time all together. Recently Funky Monkey Bars released a NINJA rig which Olivia gravitated towards straight away, and continues to promote to encourage everyone to get moving and get healthy in a fun and active way.

Barnsey’s Shirts

This small print shop located in the Fremantle markets has done an excellent job printing Liv’s ‘STRAYA’ tops for the TV show and training. For custom prints of your own, check out their stall or take a peek at Facebook.